Sealing Foil Reduced Evaporation

Gas-permeable sealing foil with evaporation reduction layer. Minimizes evaporation but allows for sufficient and uniform aeration.Only suitable for 48-well microtiter plates. Sterile packaging.

The gas permeable sealing foil with evaporation reduction layer is recommended for long-term cultivations: > 2 days. This special foil consists of a perforated sealing film with 2 mm venting holes, which is applied on top of the gas-permeable M2P-F-GP-10 foil. This cover is a unique sealing foil developed by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, in order to reduce evaporation as much as possible but at the same time keeping the aeration of the plate in an optimal range. By using the evaporation reduction foil, the evaporation per day is minimized down to less than 1%

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Compatibility with:
BioLector I, BioLector II and BioLector Pro microbioreactors

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