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Your Service Plan includes support from people who know your instrument from the inside out

When you invest in a post-warranty Service Plan, you can count on ongoing support from a team of experts dedicated to protecting your peak performance, including:

Beckman Coulter Life Science Service Plans

Why invest in a service plan from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences?

To help minimize downtime and keep your instrument performing at peak efficiency, the right service plan—along with your Beckman Coulter team—provides:

Response Time

Priority Response

With a service plan, you receive priority response for on-site service calls and phone support to help minimize downtime

Parts & Labor

Reliability with Certified Parts & Labor

Our service engineers use only factory tested parts and are continually trained on the latest technology and product improvements to reduce instrument failures


Comprehensive Support

Proactive, prescheduled maintenance activities, as well as technical training and remote technical support with our product specialists


Technology Modifications

Product enhancements and software updates help continually improve instrument performance and reliability

Control Costs

Cost Control

A service plan helps you manage your expenses by controlling upfront costs versus emergency repair fees



Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards and avoid the costs of inaccurate measurements with routine qualification service

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Additional services to consider:

BeckmanConnect Remote Service

Provides an abundance of benefits, streamlining our quality service by allowing our technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in real-time, keeping your instruments in top shape, maximizing uptime and performance.

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Whether you're a new or experienced lab professional, we offer a variety of training courses to fit your needs. Our expert trainers blend years of lab experience with advanced learning techniques to deliver training designed to strengthen your abilities and enable your research.

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