Echo 650 Series Acoustic Liquid Handlers

  • Enables assay miniaturization in a broad range of applications
  • Transfer from 384-well and 1536-well microplates
  • Accurate, precise, contact-free acoustic transfer in volumes as low as 2.5 nL
  • Transfer from Echo Qualified sample tubes* and microplates
  • Read more about Echo Acoustic Technology here

* Available for tube-enabled models

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Another Step Forward for Acoustic Liquid Handling

Echo 650 Series Acoustic Liquid Handlers are ideal for high-throughput applications. They enables the transfer of as little as 2.5 nL from 384-well and 1536-well microplates. As your research needs change, upgrade packages are available that enable the addition of Echo Qualified sample tube capabilities.

Echo 650 Series Acoustic Liquid Handler Features

Key Benefits

  • Measure DMSO hydration levels to gain insights into sample integrity and improve transfer quality
  • Elimination of compound loss, cross-contamination, carryover, or leachates through non-contact transfer
  • Accurate and precise transfer of nanoliter-scale quantities, enabling assay miniaturization, further reducing costs
  • Better results through direct dilution of compounds, an improvement over serial dilution methods
  • Flexibility to transfer any volume of liquid from any source well to any destination well

Acoustic Sample Tube Management

The FluidX AcoustiX Sample Tube (FAST) was developed in collaboration with and is sold by Brooks Life Sciences for ultra-high-density sample storage. The acoustic tube offers the following benefits:

  • Echo Qualified design - compatible with Echo 650T and 655T Liquid Handlers
  • Preserves sample integrity from storage to screen
  • Miniaturize upstream liquid handling steps to conserve sample
  • Rapidly pick sets of samples for targeted screening

Workflow Automation

To meet the broad spectrum of sample throughput needs, Echo 650 Series Liquid Handlers seamlessly integrate with the highly configurable Access™ Dual Robot System accommodating a wide variety of devices and enabling a fully automated workflow.

  • Configured to achieve optimal throughput for sample management workflows
  • Compact and ergonomic design with docking modules, turntables, retractable shelves, and drawers
  • Optional features can include environmental management to protect samples from hydration or evaporation

The New Sound of Sample Management

The Echo 655T Liquid Handler supports sample transfer directly from Echo Qualified sample tubes, enabling a fully non-contact liquid handling workflow from sample storage all the way to assay ready plates. The Echo 655T Liquid Handler is capable of transferring as little as 2.5 nL from 384-well and 1536-well microplates, and now, from sample tubes arrayed in a 96-tube format. Additionally, it transfers at the highest speed to meet the needs of high-thoughput biochemical and cell-based screening.

Acoustic Technology Video


Watch the Echo acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology in action. Sound waves eject precisely-sized droplets from the source plate onto the destination plate suspended above.

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Echo Acoustic Liquid Handling Technology Sound waves eject precisely sized droplets from a source onto a microplate, slide, or other surface suspended above the source
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